Take Away

Welcome to Restaurant  Turquoise!

At Restaurant Turquoise you eat tasty and ... friendly!

Season Friendly

Vegetables are healthy. Provided we respect the rhythm of the seasons. That should remind you to Restaurant Turquoise, because here you will always eat vegetables fresh from the field. No vegetables cultivation which caused quite some CO2 emissions. Evidence on the table? At every meal we serve raw vegetables. Taste them. Also with take-away you will always get a lot of vitamins!

World Friendly

Honest food is delicious food. Chef Turquoise uses fair trade products. Additionally Chef Turquoise sponsors human projects, such as the campaign ‘Tafelen voor Plan’. Just because we love a better world. You too?

Diet Friendly

Eating should be healthy. The Mediterranean cuisine of Chef Turquoise is ideal for people who follow a diet. Did you know that dieticians from some insurance funds in the context of actions 'for a healthier life of their members' send their members to our restaurant to chart the calories of the menus? They also advise their customers to go to the kind of restaurants that we represent.

Taste Friendly

Variety is a must at Turquoise Restaurant. We switch the side dishes: bulgur day or rice day. Why such rotation? Consistently every day, we serve a very tasty side dish. Don’t like none of the them? You are lucky: there are French fries at Chef Turquoise every day.

Most of the dishes you see on our menu are available in take-away, although one dish is better to take-away than another. On the price of the menu, you get 10% discount for take-away.  Click here to go to the menu.

Take care: you have to pick it up yourself.  You prefer to call us or mail us?  Please, do it in time so that we can provide your takeaway smoothly in the planning.  We hope to see you back soon  for a takeaway or for a meal in our restaurant.